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Blue TO'CA 'The Perfect Travel Companion'

Blue TO'CA 'The Perfect Travel Companion'

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I created this concept TO'CA (pronounced TOKA) hat for you because every household needs an elegant form of protection from the sun. A titfer that looks elegant whilst leaving you confident that your skin is being protected during the summer months.

The hat can be coiled up and put in your bag, then due to the fine invisible  brim wire pop back straight again when you take it out. The head fitting is adjustable and can be reduced for a bespoke fit, then should someone who's caught a little too much sun need to borrow some shade it can be modified, by you for them. 

When designing the hat It made sense to contact the Skin  Foundation to ask the optimum width a hat should be to protect eyes, ears and face from those glorious but harmful rays. Officially it is 3" or 7.5cm.  

There is the option to buy a small credit card pouch that is detachable and surprisingly useful for coins, condoms and credit cards.

These have been popular presents since they express thought fullness to the well being of your friend.

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